Monday, April 25, 2016

Unknown Armies 3 Playtest Session 1

This session we went through the cooperative world building and character creation. Some of that is happened by email between me and the players between then and next this Saturday's session.
So far we have a world that contains:

  • A mayor who is probably a mummy.
  • A missing avatar of Beauty
  • A hidden gateway that might be the backdoor to an old folks home
  • cold spots
  • dark acolytes who might be vampires
  • a shark-eyed man
  • a place that cannot be thought of
  • the face merchant
  • zombies
  • an old folks home
  • Elko, NV.
We have PCs who:
  • Has a talking magical dog
  • is an avatar of the librarian
  • might be a Jedi (he's waffling)
  • a refrigerator repairman who somehow pissed off the Union of Supernatural Repairman Local 42.

It's my job to figure out how all that fits together.
More info to come.