Sunday, October 4, 2015

All French Groceries Include Baguetes Night Black Agents: Night Wings Session 3

Henry hacked the police database to keep their bomb investigation away from the team. While Darby relaxed in the hospital, recovering from the beating that Asenaini gave him, Joe Ross joined the team, bringing his world class hacking skills. The news reported several violent killings at the refugee camp the PCs had visited before.
Joe hacked the driving schedule of a local grocery delivery service to put himself on the schedule so he could get onto Asenaini's property. When he arrived, he found the whole place swarming with cops. He was having trouble getting past the cops when Henry hacked the police radio to fake an armed robbery to draw them away.
When Joe got on the property he placed taps on the surveillance's cameras, and Miles managed to find that the office and the computers had burned sometime after the explosion from the previous session.
Miles created a cover as a cop and walked into the office and demanded the hard drive from the computer, and Henry got Asenaini's files.
They found  that she was waiting for a shipment to the National Archeology Museum and found solid evidence that she had bought her weapons from Sylvia Argent, and known arms dealer.
Miles agreed to do a favor for Sylvia to earn her trust, because knowing an arms dealer could be useful, but the favor turned out to be a trick. She asked him to go visit a man in the hospital under police guard, and then tipped off the cops. Miles had to do some running, but got away.
Other documents showed that Asenaini had planned an attack on the local hospital to kidnap pregnant mothers and babies and then blow up the place to cover the details. Also, it seemed she was spending a lot of time writing about Mesopotamians demon myths,specifically Astarte/Ishtar/Lilith.

Miles decided to put Sylvia in her place, and invited her to coffee. He laid out his evidence and demanded guns and armor to prevent calling the cops. The rest of the team surveiled the meet and noticed thousands of ravens flocking and watching the meet. Henry paid some local kids to throw rocks at the birds, but the birds swarmed the kids and pecked them to bloody flight. Stabiliy checks were made.
Miles, Joe,and Henry worked together to check to see who the inside man was at the hospital who was supposed to let the terrorists in, and found Francois and saw that he was in debt and bugged his computer.
There was little in the way of violence, and the heat moved back to 6.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Swimming pools, Movie stars, Terrorist training camps. Night's Black Agents: Night Wings Session 2

After the excitement at the end of last session, the characters decide to call a new agent to join their team. Darby O'Gill, an ex-IRA bombmaker, agreed to drive to Paris from Ireland overnight to get there and help our team.
In the meantime, the team dumped Abe on a corner in Paris, and called emergency services to report a man who had been shot. Miles used an old fake cover of his as the name of the person making the call in order to avoid the heat coming down on them.
Luckily, during the excitement the night before, Miles had had the foresight to pickpocket one of the thugs cell phones. From the text messages on the phone they were able to get the address of Lena Maloof, who seemed to be their boss.
They decided to shut down the power on Lena's city block and masquerade as maintenance workers from the electrical company to gain entrance to the building. While they were arranging this deception, they noticed that a number of refugees who were wandering the streets of Paris seem to be watching their every move. These slack-jawed refugees seem to move in a strange flock like manner, and Darby was reminded of the Roman legend of the Strix, the night witches who would spy on their enemies in the form of a bird.
The team managed to get into Lena's apartment and plant bugs. They also notice that Lena seems to have a heroin addiction. They also noticed that a severe, and very religious-acting (angrily reading the Koran) Muslim man, seemed to be living in Lena's apartment, and the man didn't seem to appreciate Lena's Western ways and lack of a hair covering. However, he also didn't seem to be doing anything about it.
Ever the opportunist, Miles managed to filch Lena's cell phone, and then they cloned it so they could intercept all of her phone calls and texts.
The team looked through Lena's emails and texts and found that there was something happening at a local mosque in Paris that Friday night, so Miles went to the mosque under false pretenses but was noticed planting a bug in the mosque by the Imam, and some men chased him away. They listened in to the sermon, and found that Abu Hassan, Lena's guest, was recruiting for ISIS, but was also suggesting that a woman was in charge. This seemed unusual for ISIS's brand of fanaticism.
Looking through Lena's emails and texts they found out that there was a woman named Asenaini (Arabic for teeth), had a country estate with a large area of forest.
Some drone surveillance showed that a section of the forest had been cleared out and covered with camouflage netting. The team decided to sneak in and see if Jamal, the person they've been hired to find, was actually there.
In preparation, Darby created a remote controlled car bomb with Henry's help. Miles waited outside the estate to remote control the car while Darby and Henry snuck onto the estate over the back hedge. They managed to avoid the guard dogs and found that the camouflage netting concealed a fully-fledged terrorist training camp. They snuck past the training camp and to the manor house.
When they got to the manor house they saw Lena and Asenaini telling their thugs to go downstairs and clean up Jamal so that he can be useful one more time.
Darby and Henry snuck down into the basement through the outside entrance and shot the two thugs and cut Jamal free just in time for the unholy horrors that are Lina and Asenaini to come rushing down to investigate the commotion.
Henry set off a smoke grenade to cover their escape but Asenaini he was able to see through the smoke and moved with unnatural speed to assault Darby and Henry with her fists. The unnatural speed and severe violence of the assault from Lina and Asenaini caused a great deal of psychological trauma to our heroes especially when Asenaini casually ripped the cellar door of the wall to pursue them. Miles, realizing the danger, drove the car bomb into the front gate of the estate to create a distraction and Asenaini left to investigate. Darby and Henry were able to get away by using one more smoke bomb. They took Jamal to a hospital and called their employer who told them that they would be paid even more if they could find the thumb drive with the ISIS data on it that Jamal had lost to his torturers.
The operation is over, but the new operation soon begins, and with all the gunfire and the explosions, the heat is now 7.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why psychopaths don't make good spies. Night Black Agents: Night Wings:Session 1

The players are hired anonymously to try and find a Syrian refugee who has disappeared with valuable info regarding ISIS in Paris.
Miles calls up Abe and Henry. Miles is a retired asset handler, formerly of the CIA.
Henry walked away from the CSIS over their cover-up regarding the deaths of several of his colleagues.
Abe was asked by the Mossad to just leave. This makes sense later.
They got to Paris and start to run down the location of Jamal Abbaz. They know he bought a cheap cell phone and texts his contacts that he was in town. The found video that showed him hanging out at the refugee camp under the Pont Chales de Gaulle near the Gare Austerlitz.
Refugee Camp under bridge in Paris

Gare Austerlitz

They found at the camp that several babies had died and women had miscarriages before Grandma Sari came and had them smear lamb's blood on the tent flaps and post a white goat near the kids. They found that a gang of toughs who owe allegiance to a woman were living near the camp. Mention of this woman prompted Grandma Sari to make warding gestures with her hands and spit on the ground.
Henry, who is the tech expert, programmed his cell phone to send GPS updates every few minutes and then tricked on of the toughs to steal it, so they could track their movements (pretty clever). They found their apartment and managed to get some video and an audio bug inside by pretending to delver pizza. 
They found that the boys were working for a Lina Maloof, who paid for the apartments and that she wanted to m to recruit more men. They boys hoed they could go to "the house" as a reward.
Henry got spotted while surveilling the place and when the boys came to bug him, he turned up a loud porno soundtrack in his van and flashed the camera bulbs out the windows while rocking the vehicle (extremely clever). The boys left, embarrassed.
The team decided that they needed to kidnap one of the thugs and interrogate him. This is where it went bad.
Abe walked up to one of the kids in the middle of the refugee camp and demanded to see the flyers he was passing out. When the kid refuffed him, Abe pulled his gun. In response, the thugs all pulled their guns.
Now this might have been a prime time to try and defuse the situation, but instead, Abe shot the kid dead, in the middle of a crowd, in a refugee camp, in the middle of Paris.
Yep. The only way to make it worse would have been to call CNN first.
The other thugs opened fire on Abe and he barely managed to stay conscious as he staggered out of the camp covered in his own blood.
Miles fled, which, honestly, was the most reasonable decision at the time. They barely let Abe in the van and dumped him at a hospital after stabilizing his blood loss. Now the cops are paying attention, and Miles is considering just burning Abe and hiring someone else.
Heat: 4