Sunday, May 1, 2016

Unknown Armies 3 Playtest Session 2

Session Events

John, the Sheriff of Elko county NV, is called to a disturbance, maybe a riot at the Starfire hotel/Casino in Elko.
April’s sister (The Avatar of "The Beauty") calls to tell her someone is following her. She is at the Starfire, room 333.
John goes to the Starfire and is chased by zoned-out tweakers (zombies). He tries to flee and is forced to shoot one. He fails his violence check and flees to the station house.
April (Avatar ofg "
The Librarian"), Will (Repairman), Saul (Jedi magic adept), and DK (Sociomancer obsessed with the NRA) goes to the hotel. Will distracts the news reporter while they watch the ambulance load the shot guy in. Saul, DK, and April go to the room and see the tweakers running from the Shark-Eyed Man. The SEM is trying to get into the sister’s room, and Saul approaches and confronts him with his lightsaber replica.

Saul lifts his lightsaber to a guard and says, “Leave this place.”
The SEM looks him over and replies, “I don’t have time for fools.”
“Well, make some.”

DK tells the SEM to leave, and April asks what he is doing. The SEM tries to attack DK and hurts him badly. DK fails his unnatural check because the SEM has claws and decides to fight. He is packing a small pistol.
Saul ignites his saber and attacks the SEM. April succeeds at her Unnatural check but can’t maneuver pas the SEM to the room. The SEM and Saul exchange wounds and the SEM flees. DK goes to the hospital via ambulance, Saul takes first aid from April. A highway patrolman investigates DKs gunshot, but Saul sends him away “These aren’t the droids you are looking for.”
He gets an intuition that the sister had left the room through the crowd who did not see her (AoB channel).
John and April follow her to a bar and on the video see that she entered the restroom with a the face merchant and never exited. April was able to track everyone who entered and left the restroom and saw an extra woman leave the restroom, but they could not get a clear look at her.
Saul got discharged the next day from the hospital and DK has to stay longer.

The healing rules need to add healing time while staying in the hospital. They only have surgery rules.

Avatar of the Librarian

Librarians are powerful symbols of organization of knowledge and art. A Librarian may not know about a subject, but they can certainly find out.

Symbols: Books, Scrolls, Cabinets, Shelves, Glasses, Sculpture, Portraits

Behaviors: Librarians catalog ideas, organize spaces, and do not judge others as long as those others do not disturb anyone. Librarians encourage quiet enjoyment and scholarship. Librarians encourage the pursuits of others by organizing events or media for consumption. Librarians are subdued and avoid fame.
Taboos: Librarians may never allow knowledge or art to be destroyed or mislaid. They must lend knowledge to anyone who asks without judgment. They must chastise any who steal or corrupt knowledge. Seeing fame or reward for one’s actions over the accomplishments of another is taboo for a librarian.


1-50%: The librarian can help you prepare for a task. If you know what you are trying to accomplish in specific terms, and the librarian helps you find out information about it, you may re-roll or flip-flop one roll to accomplish that task similar to if it were a passion. The librarian can only have one such “loan” out at a time. She may cancel the “loan” at will.
51-70%: You can sense when someone is missing something important and give them a hint of where to look. You can suggest to a stumped person where to look to find a clue that will be helpful and they will find it if they follow your instructions even though the connection between their task and the location and nature of the clue may make no sense. On a successful Avatar: Librarian roll, you can link the benefits of the previous channel to their successful discovery of the clue and they will be able to re-roll of flip flop all rolls when looking for or following up on the clue as if they were obsessed.
71-90%: With an Avatar:Librarian roll, the Librarian can change a fact as long as the change does not contradict known history. The gun was always unloaded, the car was always full of gas, Bill’s cancer diagnosis was always a a false positive. Facts that have been verified with witnesses or that are well-known by several people (the location of a hideout or home, mapped geographic features, anything beyond fairly specific loopholes in law) or important, game-breaking secrets are off limits. If it is reasonably possible that everyone was mistaken, they were.
91%+: The Librarian can find information that should not be available. Secrets, data, codes, etc, are not beyond her as long as it is written down or otherwise stored on media somewhere. This does not decode encrypted materials.

School of the Jedi

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

Jedi mages, (aka nerds, BTW, you may be the only one) have obsessive star wars collections. You must commune with your collection to charge. You know it is fiction, and that is what makes it so real. All your items must have been acquired lawfully.

Minor charge: Spend 1 hour admiring and arranging your collection. This can be at your home or by watching one of the films on a mobile device, but it is an uninterrupted hour, or

Potentially embarrass yourself or cause yourself other trouble trying a non-physical Jedi power in public that you know will fail. (e.g. "Officer, you do not need to give me a parking ticket.")

Significant charge: Actually try to do one of the extreme physical feats performed by Jedi in the films without using your magic such as outrunning a car, leaping from a great height, etc (trying to make it really real). Realize that this crazy stunt will never actually succeed.
Make an appropriate ability check. If you fail, you take damage equal to the sum of the digits on the dice (57 = 12 pts) as you headplant during your last minute flinch while trying to survive the attempt. You cannot use magic to help you and it should be something that is beyond human ability. The roll is just to see if you got hurt. You still get the charge, or

Add to your collection a very valuable and accurate item of memorabilia (e.g. complete suit of Mandalorian Armor)

Major Charge: Add a unique and original item from the original productions of episodes 4-6 that was seen in the film during original theatrical release. It must be in pristine condition. Things such as Luke's original lightsaber or Leia's slender blaster from the fist movie,or

Get a major cast member from one of the films to tour your collection. This does not work if the actor is Ahmed Best.

Taboo: Your collection must always be intact. No one may view it without your company and permission and they must touch NOTHING!. Nothing may ever be removed from it. You may not trade your items for others. If you move your collection, your charges are on hold until your collection is set up in another good place. The location must be one designed for display. A dusty storage unit is no good, but a spare bedroom with shelves is fine.

Ω = +1

Random Magic Domain: Luck, perception, emotions, telekinesis

These aren’t the Droids You are Looking For
Minor compulsion. Do what I say or face a Rank 4 self check because you think it is your idea. Minor 2

Force Push/Throw
Minor blast, knock them down or hit with a telekinetically flung heavy object. Minor 1

Target sees or hears something that confuses and distracts them perhaps causing them to go investigate. They do not have to know you are there. Minor 2

Force Defense
Roll before opponent rolls their attack. They miss. Minor 2.

Get some useful information, a form of mild telepathy. Minor 2

Force Pull
Perform minor feats of telekineses, like flipping switches or drawing small distant objects to your hand. Minor 2

Force Movement
Substitute Jedi magic roll for one physical roll. Minor 1


An Elegant Weapon
Your pristine collectible lightsaber ignites. You may use it as a melee weapon rolling your Jedi identity doing damage +9 for the duration of one fight (up to the GM). It can also cut through stuff. Any kills are treated as maiming attacks. Light Side Represent!
Significant 2

May The Force be With You
Allow a friend to use Force Movement. They may hold it for days equal to the sum of your roll before triggering. Significant 3

Force Trance
Get a bonus of +10% x the ones digit on your next roll and remove all penalties. Significant 2

Force Jump
Roll your magic skill to run up to your skill in mph or leap vertically or horizontally that distance in feet. Significant 3

There is No Try
Lift a very heavy object equal to teh sum of your dice in tons.
Significant 2

Search Your Feelings
Target suffers a Self check of rank equal to the sum of your dice (max 10). Significant 1

Go To Dagobah
Send an urgent message in the form of a vision or urge to a known companion regardless of distance.
Significant 1