Saturday, August 13, 2016

Examples of maneuvers in Blade of the Iron Throne

Blade of the Iron Throne has a very detailed and realistic combat system based on actual historical sources.
This lovely video shows quite a number of techniques from Liberi's Firo di Battaglia, a manual written around 1400 c.e.
I will notate the techniques to let you know what how they would be done in BOIT rules.

2:10 cut to Location 4
2:14 same cut, parry, thrust to Location 13
2:15 half sword, 1H longsword grip thrust to location 11
2:16 same thrust, counter, thrust to location 13
2:21 parry, thrust location 13
2:22 thrust to location 11
2:23 parry, cut to location 7
2:25 parry, cut to location 4
2:27 counter with thrust to location 13
2:29 parry, bind & strike.

  • The rules do not describe a barehanded bind&strike, but the historical sources are full of them. So I will house rule that you can do them right after you parry a weapon. If the weapon has a shaft, like a spear, you are in no danger of injuring your hand. If the weapon is sharp like a sword, you compare 1.5 time the defensive successes against the successes of the bind. If this causes an injury, then it is a slash to the arm location. Resolve the damage and then move on to the next exchange with the attacker having initiative (the binder).
  • Example: Green cuts with 4 successes, Black parries with 5 successes. Green cannot use his sword on the next exchange, and he loses 1MP (5-4=1). Now, since the bind was with a bare hand against a sword, multiply Green's successes x 1.5 (=6) and compare. 6 is one better than 5, so apply a QoS 1 cutting attack to Black's grabbing arm. Apply damage and shock and such as normal. Next exchange, Green is down 1MP (for the bind), cannot use his sword, and it is Black's attack. Black may have taken some shock from the less than perfect bind.
2:30 see 2;29
2:33 parry, offensive grapple
2:38 parry, bind and strike
2:40 expulsion, bind&strike (with his foot!), cut
2:42 parry, offensive grapple, throw
2:44 feint (failed), evasive strike
2:46 parry, grapple, throw
2:50 parry, thrust
2:53 parry, bind & strike, bash (kick) causing knock down, cut
2:56 parry, bash (kick)
2:59 same as 2:56 but kick is defended with defensive grapple, throw
3:40 parry, thrust
3:54 parry, failed grapple, other guy grapples, throw, DAGGER!