Sunday, October 4, 2015

All French Groceries Include Baguetes Night Black Agents: Night Wings Session 3

Henry hacked the police database to keep their bomb investigation away from the team. While Darby relaxed in the hospital, recovering from the beating that Asenaini gave him, Joe Ross joined the team, bringing his world class hacking skills. The news reported several violent killings at the refugee camp the PCs had visited before.
Joe hacked the driving schedule of a local grocery delivery service to put himself on the schedule so he could get onto Asenaini's property. When he arrived, he found the whole place swarming with cops. He was having trouble getting past the cops when Henry hacked the police radio to fake an armed robbery to draw them away.
When Joe got on the property he placed taps on the surveillance's cameras, and Miles managed to find that the office and the computers had burned sometime after the explosion from the previous session.
Miles created a cover as a cop and walked into the office and demanded the hard drive from the computer, and Henry got Asenaini's files.
They found  that she was waiting for a shipment to the National Archeology Museum and found solid evidence that she had bought her weapons from Sylvia Argent, and known arms dealer.
Miles agreed to do a favor for Sylvia to earn her trust, because knowing an arms dealer could be useful, but the favor turned out to be a trick. She asked him to go visit a man in the hospital under police guard, and then tipped off the cops. Miles had to do some running, but got away.
Other documents showed that Asenaini had planned an attack on the local hospital to kidnap pregnant mothers and babies and then blow up the place to cover the details. Also, it seemed she was spending a lot of time writing about Mesopotamians demon myths,specifically Astarte/Ishtar/Lilith.

Miles decided to put Sylvia in her place, and invited her to coffee. He laid out his evidence and demanded guns and armor to prevent calling the cops. The rest of the team surveiled the meet and noticed thousands of ravens flocking and watching the meet. Henry paid some local kids to throw rocks at the birds, but the birds swarmed the kids and pecked them to bloody flight. Stabiliy checks were made.
Miles, Joe,and Henry worked together to check to see who the inside man was at the hospital who was supposed to let the terrorists in, and found Francois and saw that he was in debt and bugged his computer.
There was little in the way of violence, and the heat moved back to 6.