Sunday, September 13, 2015

Why psychopaths don't make good spies. Night Black Agents: Night Wings:Session 1

The players are hired anonymously to try and find a Syrian refugee who has disappeared with valuable info regarding ISIS in Paris.
Miles calls up Abe and Henry. Miles is a retired asset handler, formerly of the CIA.
Henry walked away from the CSIS over their cover-up regarding the deaths of several of his colleagues.
Abe was asked by the Mossad to just leave. This makes sense later.
They got to Paris and start to run down the location of Jamal Abbaz. They know he bought a cheap cell phone and texts his contacts that he was in town. The found video that showed him hanging out at the refugee camp under the Pont Chales de Gaulle near the Gare Austerlitz.
Refugee Camp under bridge in Paris

Gare Austerlitz

They found at the camp that several babies had died and women had miscarriages before Grandma Sari came and had them smear lamb's blood on the tent flaps and post a white goat near the kids. They found that a gang of toughs who owe allegiance to a woman were living near the camp. Mention of this woman prompted Grandma Sari to make warding gestures with her hands and spit on the ground.
Henry, who is the tech expert, programmed his cell phone to send GPS updates every few minutes and then tricked on of the toughs to steal it, so they could track their movements (pretty clever). They found their apartment and managed to get some video and an audio bug inside by pretending to delver pizza. 
They found that the boys were working for a Lina Maloof, who paid for the apartments and that she wanted to m to recruit more men. They boys hoed they could go to "the house" as a reward.
Henry got spotted while surveilling the place and when the boys came to bug him, he turned up a loud porno soundtrack in his van and flashed the camera bulbs out the windows while rocking the vehicle (extremely clever). The boys left, embarrassed.
The team decided that they needed to kidnap one of the thugs and interrogate him. This is where it went bad.
Abe walked up to one of the kids in the middle of the refugee camp and demanded to see the flyers he was passing out. When the kid refuffed him, Abe pulled his gun. In response, the thugs all pulled their guns.
Now this might have been a prime time to try and defuse the situation, but instead, Abe shot the kid dead, in the middle of a crowd, in a refugee camp, in the middle of Paris.
Yep. The only way to make it worse would have been to call CNN first.
The other thugs opened fire on Abe and he barely managed to stay conscious as he staggered out of the camp covered in his own blood.
Miles fled, which, honestly, was the most reasonable decision at the time. They barely let Abe in the van and dumped him at a hospital after stabilizing his blood loss. Now the cops are paying attention, and Miles is considering just burning Abe and hiring someone else.
Heat: 4